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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tea Party Drafting Palin to Run for Senate

They claim she's just crazy enough for Alaska to do it.  Just got this email from the Tea Party Leadership Fund, with as usual the accent on Fund.  (Note:  My ebook on the Obama-Romney 2012 race here.) 
Today, we're another step closer to drafting Sarah Palin to run for US Senate!

A brand new poll released today by your Tea Party Leadership Fund shows Palin with a clear path to the Republican nomination.

It has been a busy week for our strategists at The Tea Party Leadership Fund.

We just received the results, and I wanted to make sure you would be the first to hear about it.

So, what did we find? Sarah leads the field of potential Republican nominees, but her advantage is small.

According to the memo drafted by our pollsters, Sarah's lead is not quite two percent over the others in the GOP field--good news, but a clear sign that we have lots of work to do.


Anonymous said...

Who are you going to get to replace her when she quits after 3 years?

Anonymous said...

Sarah, who?

Wooidy said...

Sarah, who?

Anonymous said...

Sorry but Palin gave us Ayotte in NH when we in the real tea party did not want her.

REAL tea parties do NOT draft or run candidates.

We will work against her if she runs.

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party Leadership Fund is not a legit tea party so don't give them any money.