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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

As Obama Drones On

One of strongest mainstream columns yet hitting the president for his drone attacks that kill the innocent--dubbed "immoral"  by liberal pundit Eugene Robinson at the Wash Post.   Usually punches are pulled but here's this:
The nonpartisan New America Foundation, which has attempted to keep a running tally, says drone strikes under both presidents have killed between 258 and 307 civilians in Pakistan, and between 66 and 68 in Yemen. Those numbers may seem small, but each victim was a human being who posed no threat to the United States or its interests — in some cases a child who was here one minute, full of laughter and life’s promise, and gone the next.
I believe historians will look at Obama’s second term and see the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, despite its rocky launch, as a great moral triumph. I fear they will see the drone war as a great moral failure.

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