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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Beethoven and the "Right" Stuff

UPDATE:  Trailer for our film now elevated to the "Popular" section of Yahoo videos!  Also, the Rich Lowry piece (see below) has been picked up all over the place, including by Real Clear Poltiics today.

Earlier:  I've certainly had my differences with Rich Lowry, longtime editor of the National Review, over the years, but happy to link to his new piece at the magazine's site hailing Beethoven's Ninth.  He even mentions the new film on the Ninth that I've co-produced.  Naturally he emphasizes that part of the "Ode to Joy," and Schiller's poem, that extols The Creator, but our film focuses on the political and cultural.  Still, welcome aboard, Rich.   He does mention the key "brotherhood" aspect.

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