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Friday, December 27, 2013

Chestnuts Roasting by the Fire

What happens when Dame Peggy Noonan returns home on Christmas night and curls up by the fire with a few drinks in hand and taps out a column of reflections on the year 2013.   Hightlights:  Mike Huckabee had a few more grandkids (yes, one is nicknamed "Huck") and Matt Drudge has finally discovered prayer.   Also, thank god, Obamacare still sucks.
Democrats are so concussed they've barely noticed that people do want health-care help, and it will probably have to be national in scope. Looking at it this way, Democrats have won a 30-year argument. They should wake up, get out from under the albatross of ObamaCare and start trying to create something that will work. With Republicans, who now have new credibility on the issue.

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