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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Enshrined in Cooperstown

Updates:   New front-page story in local paper ahout thisIf you're anywhere near the area, don't miss benefit screening of our Beethoven Ninth film tonight, May 18, in Cooperstown, proceeds to the local food pantry.  I'll be speaking and there are musical events featuring the "Ode" around it--plus a party at a famous local distillery after.  I'll be signing our tie-in book.  And I'll be speaking at local school the next day.   Of course, you could send a donation without attending.  Please do.

Earlier: As you may know, the film I co-produced Following the Ninth (directed by Kerry Candaele) was released last November and has drawn wide acclaim--from The New York Times to featured segments on Bill Moyers' PBS show and NPR's "All Things Considered"--and has played in a couple of dozen cities already.  But a regular-length trailer for this unique exploration of the amazing influence of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony was never produced.  Instead, a terrific seven-minute mini-film served that purpose and it was so terrific that Moyers showed the entire piece on his TV show.  But the film still has months to run around the USA and world, so Candaele has now produced a more traditional two-minute trailer and it was just posted tonight on YouTube.

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