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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Take a Letterman

Reacting to Letterman news:  Jon Stewart opened show with Colbert news, clips (the famous gay-banana-crack-up), on this "wild" day.   Recalls the difficulty in not cracking up on air with Stephen doing his bits.  Jon observes:  "The exciting news is I no longer need a cable subscription to enjoy Stephen Colbert."  Then paid tribute to Letterman as the "best" TV host there ever was but says Stephen is "up to the challenge."

"No greater joy than to see a geninuely good man get the success he deserves."  Looks forward to seeing Colbert's name on marquee of the Ed Sullivan theater...

Then Stephen opens.  Claims he'll miss Letterman on the air now.  Has watched him all the time since college and "he influenced every host who came after him, and some who came before.  And I tell you, I do not envy anyone they try to put in that chair.  Those are some big shoes to fill--and some really big pants." Brief and out.

Meanwhile, the right-wing freakout continues. 

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