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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Member of the House

A top aide to a GOP congressman from Ohio has resigned after a porn actress he'd been involved with posted a photo of his penis--perhaps we should call it his "weiner"--online via Twitter.   The veteran of 200 sex movies--that's the actress--was upset with the fellow, Adam Kuhn, aide to Rep. Steve Stivers, for some reason.  “Over the weekend, I was the victim of an attack on Twitter from a woman I had a relationship with in my personal life,” Kuhn said. “I realize and apologize I had used poor judgement in my personal life regarding this relationship. The woman who posted this has reached out to me to apologize.”  Anthony Weiner has commented: "Give the kid a break."   Her Wiki page.

1 comment:

Laurence Glavin said...

I'm glad you wrote "porn actress". In most cases, when articles or comments refer to people working in the porn industry, they write or say "porn star". Not everybody in the movies is a "movie star". There's a separate standard for that term. Brad Pitt: movie star; William H. Macy: fine actor but not a movie star. And don't get me started on "rock star".