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Monday, June 9, 2014

The Two Nevada Terrorists

UPDATE  Buzzfeed: Creep also tried to buy (or get donated) rifle via Facebook--bringing into question Facebook policy on illegal gun sales (and such) via postings.   They respond.

UPDATE #2:  Charles P. Pierce with another withering take, with special emphasis on why cops around the USA around demanding tougher gun laws, marching in the streets, and so on, now that they are common targets of these nuts.  And more on how right-wing media sanctions. 

UPDATE:  New Wash Post report with a few new details about the swastikas, the neighbor who should have said something--and explicit hatred of Obama on part of the male wacko.

Earlier:  Reports, now confirmed by the leading Las Vegas newspaper, that these are the loving couple (of gun nuts and extreme right-wingery).   And some of his online postings.  And more photos and videos.  More here.  BTW, it was wife who shot and killed the Wal Mart customer. And another photo of them below.  And below that: video of the creep (male) interviewed at Bundy ranch threatening violence vs. law enforcement. 

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