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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Diane Sawyer Is a Little Confused

Update:  BBC reports and updates on the mounting civilian toll in Gaza.   Meanwhile, NYT in coverage and headlines offers equal treatment, as per on home page now: "At least 67 Palestinians were said to have died in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, while rocket fire from the Palestinian coastal enclave reached ever-broader swaths of Israel."  Failing to note nearly all of the rockets land in the desert and destroy shrubs only.  But story does include this:  "According to the officials, one airstrike hit a car used by a local news agency bearing media signs, killing the driver, Hamed Shehab, 27."  This happened before, as recently as 2012. 

Earlier: Given the U.S. media's myopia and/or willful bias and false equivalency, is it little wonder that Diane Sawyer and ABC mistake scenes of destruction by air power in Gaza with it happening in Israel.  Or perhaps they are just unwilling to admit what's always been the truth--rockets fired by Palestinian militants, crude and with zero guidance systems,  may terrorize some Israelis but almost never kill them or even cause property damage, while Israeli raids with U.S. jets take dozens or hundreds of Gaza lives and wreck homes and entire neighborhoods.  See Juan Cole (NYT reviewed his new book just yesterday) round-up and Diane Sawyer video. Will ABC admit its gross (if revealing) error?

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