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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Israel Strikes the Disabled--and Destroys Mosque

Update 4 p.m. ETAP reports 15 killed by deadliest Israel air-strike yet, near Mosque.  Haaretz now confirms it was home of Gaza police cheif, that women and kids killed and some still buried.....Israel has also asked for evacuation of northern part of Gaza, suggesting invasion coming in a few hours....Given the massive U.S. funding and supplying jets and weaponry, should this not these be called  "Israel-U.S. air attacks" on Gaza?  

Earlier: As The Guardian notes: This is why "international criticism grows."
What is certain is that the occupant was absent in the early hours of Saturday morning when the two Israeli drones "knocked on his roof" – firing warning shots to encourage civilians to vacate the building prior to a strike.
A few minutes later, an Israeli war plane fired a missile into the house. But it didn't detonate on the first floor. Instead, it smashed through to the ground floor where the explosion ripped through the room where five of the disabled residents were sleeping, killing two and injuring the others.
The NYT's laughable coverage of the civilian casualties--now about 1000 killed or injured--epitomized by a front-page headline that claims this makes for a "tense" Ramadan there.  Gee, really?  Then there's this, on destuction of Gaza mosque, by one of the longtime, utterly biased NYT reporters in Jerusalem.  Much of it could have been written by the IDF.  All you have to do is contrast NYT coverage with that in most leading papers abroad. 

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