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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Wolfgang's All Here

As NYT notes today, biggest music news is that Wolfgang's Vault--and its massive trove of classic live concerts and song videos--which has been a membership kind of thing has suddenly put seemingly all of its stuff up on YouTube at its own channel.   Yes, I suppose it's mainly for Boomers as the bulk stems from the '70s (partly due to obtaining Bill Graham's archives) but what a lineup:  full concerts by Van Morrison, the Band, the Who at Tanglewood 1970Springsteen 1977-1978,  the Allmans, the Dead, John Lee Hooker, Byrds, James Brown, all of the top West Coast bands, though no Beatles (since they weren't touring). But also much from later, e.g. R.E.M., Petty, Phish and so on.  Lot of Neil Young from the '90s.  Full Zevon concert 1980Go here to search.

 Just one sample below--full live Van Morrison concert in 1974 with rare "Streets of Arklow" up second after "Ballerina" (starts about 5:30), followed by "Just Like a Woman."   But thousands of other highlights--such as a whole different look at "The Last Waltz" via single black and white camera shots (including full "Don't Do It").


Scott Supak said...

Greg, my family has a bunch of live recordings my Dad made. They're not exactly legal... All the big names... we talked to the Wolfgang people, and they won't touch it. Any advice? Anyone who might be in a position to help?

CannaReport said...

It's who you know brother