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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Update: The Young Man in the Green Shirt

Update:  Victim has now been IDed--it turns out his family like others found out after watching him murdered in the video.  

Earlier: This is being called the most horrific, in some ways, video to yet emerge from the one-sided war in Gaza.  Rescue workers in Shujaiyeh are combing through the rubble for survivors, and a young man in a green shirt is seen joining them to carry a stretcher.  A little later while they are taking cover he ventures out to shout to see if any relatives are still alive up the street as you hear the nervous chatter of man and woman back with the camera.  Then a shot from a sniper of unknown origin--yes, Israeli forces are now in that neighborhood--rings out and he falls, but is still alive.  Then another shot.  Then a third.   Adam Weinstein story here.   I imagine we will now get the usual nutty claims that this was all staged.  Much more of my coverage today here.


Meteor Blades said...

Unarmed. Obviously wounded. Clearly a case of self-defense on the part of the sniper. gawd.

Alice said...

What is wrong with us?

Anonymous said...

I'd always thought that the Israeli soldiers and intelligence was right wing and insane, but these days, watching the people cheering the bombing and reading the pro-Israel commenters online basically arguing for the necessity of a "final solution" in Gaza, I've given up hope that there is a way out of this that is not military.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong. The comments about this being staged and a "Pallywood" production are all over the youtube video comments.