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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ode to 'Joy in Mudville'

Not so long ago, for almost a decade, I  coached teams every year in Little League.   I even took a team to the state finals one year, despite eschewing the usual win-at-any-cost strategies.  When my son was ten, we had so much fun that year--fighting the Forces of Evil--that I ended up writing a fairly popular and well-reviewed book titled, predictably, Joy in Mudville.  Tom Hanks has optioned it for a movie,  which now looks like more of a longshot than the Mets winning the Series in 2013.  It's a lot of fun but also makes some serious points along the way about holding the line against obnoxious coaches and parents--in all  youth sports.

Anyway:  It's still not available an an e-book.  But you can order it now in print, signed by the author no less, directly from me.  Just $16.95 plus a small amount for postage.  If interested in that write me at:  epic1934@aol.com.

"This winning portrait brings home the boys of summer and their dads."--USA Today

"Fabulous...Some of the most profound comments on the game offered by an American writer."--The Dallas Morning News

"Mitchell writes with wit and humanity." -- Publishers Weekly

"Funny, insightful.  There's much for readers to like, whether they have kids in Little League  or played it themselves." -- Baseball America

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