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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vinyl Mania

As one can imagine, I have still have many hundreds of "records" or "album" (you know, those frisbee-sized somewhat stiff black things) from my days as #2 editor at Crawdaddy for most of the 1970s.   Thousands of others have exited over the years one way or another.  Some I'll always want to keep. Others I wouldn't mind selling as they've been replaced by, ugh, CDs or downloads etc. Hence:

Vinyl is hot and here is rare chance to order the records you want from a long list of over 60 classics from top artists of 1960s and 1970s, including the Beatles, Stones and Dylan.  Some of these lps are rare and/or in "promo" editions.  The records themselves are all in at least very good shape, most excellent, some of them rarely if ever played.  The covers vary a good deal: all are intact, with vivid image and color on the covers, but many with corner or edge damage--thanks to a long-gone cat--or fraying (some have small holes punched by the record company to indicate they are promo or to hinder re-sale).

Here are just a few of them.  There are plenty of others, including a Springsteen bootleg etc.   Or maybe you'd like a hundred shipped in bulk.  If you have any interest in these or others unlisted, drop me a line at:  epic1934@aol.com

Rolling Stones:  "Beggar's Banquet," "Let it Bleed," "Aftermath," "Metamorphosis" (rare),  "12x5."
The Beatles:  "Rock 'n Roll Music" (double), "Live at the Star Club" (early Hamburg, double)
Bob Marley: "African Herbsman" (Trojan, early, rare)
John Lennon:  "Walls and Bridges,"  "Plastic Ono Band"
George Harrison:  "Thirty-three and 1/3"
McCartney and Wings: "Venus and Mars"
Roxy Music: "Manifesto" (promo)
Robert Palmer: "Sneaking Sally Through the Alley"
Van Morrison:  "Veedon Fleece" (rare non-slick cover)
The Allman Brothers:  "The Road Goes on Forever" (hits, double, promo)
The Kinks:  "Face to Face," "The Live Kinks" (rare, mono, Reprise)
The Grateful Dead: "Terrapin Station" (Promo), "From the Mars Hotel" (Promo), "Blues for Allah"
Jerry Garcia Band:  "Cats Under the Stars"
Dylan:  "Hard Rain" (promo), "Slow Train Coming"
Television: "Marquee Moon"
The Clash  (first album)
Fleetwood Mac:  "Bare Trees"
Buckingham-Nicks (before Fleetwood Mac, rare)
The Eagles: "One of These Nights"
Tom Waits: "Blue Valentine," "Rain Dogs."
Al Green: "Let's Stay Together" (promo, rare)
Bee Gees:  "Spirits Having Flown" (promo)
Miles Davis:  "Water Babies"
John Cale:  "Fear," "Slow Dazzle"
The Beach Boys: "Sunflower," "The Beach Boys Love You,"  "Friends/Smiley Smile" (double, 1970s)
Eric Clapton: "There's One in Every Crowd"
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers (1976)
The Modern Lovers
Richard Thompson:  "Henry, the Human Fly" (rare)
Peter Tosh: "Legalize It" (promo)
Van Dyke Parks:  "Song Cycle" (rare)
Roy Orbison:  4 obscure late-'60s albums, two sealed
Linda Ronstadt: "Hasten Down the Wind"
Joan Armatrading:  "To the Limit"
Bonnie Raitt: "Home Plate"
Steve Miller Band:  "Book of Dreams"
Southside Johnny and the Jukes: "Hearts of Stone"
Dr. John: "Desitively Bonaroo"
Electric Light Orchestra: "Eldorado"
Joe Cocker: "I Can Stand the Rain" (promo)
John Entwistle: "Smash Your Head Against the Wall"
Labelle: "Nightbirds"
Jack Bruce: "Out of the Storm"
Dave Edmonds: "Tracks on Wax" (promo)
Little Feat: "The Lost Record Album"
Hall and Oates: "Abandoned Luncheonette," "Beauty on the Back Street" (Promo), ""No Goodbyes"
Nils Lofgren : "Back It Up Live" (authorized bootleg, rare)
"Best of the Doobies"
The Cars first album
Traffic: "When Eagles Fly"
"Mink DeVille"
Third World:  "Journey to Addis"  (promo)

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