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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jesus: A Polish Joke?

Story of the day, via Patch, in Michigan episode. Love the kid's comment:
After severe storms, which DTE Energy called one of the 10th worst in its 111-year history, rumbled across Wayne County Friday and abruptly shut down the St. Andre Bessette Church Festival, there was something especially comforting about some of the food when the celebration resumed on Saturday.

Festival chairman Robert Heller told WXYZ, Channel 7 said a parishioner excitedly told him that Jesus must prefer Polish food to Mexican food, then presented a pierogi – a Polish dumpling – as evidence.

“I was shocked,” said Heller, who was making tacos at the time. “I looked at it, and you can definitely see the face of Jesus.”

The church posted a picture of the holy pierogi on its Facebook page.

Megan Crosson posted that she just showed the picture to her kids. Her son, Gavin, reportedly responded, “What! Jesus is on a pierogi! I need some!”

The church isn’t quite sure what to do with the dumpling. Right now, it’s in a bag in the church freezer.

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Joseph Palmer said...

That's Frank Zappa.