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Sunday, January 27, 2008

This is really Rich

Frank Rich is tackling "Billary" with a Sunday column in the Times that looks at what has been a somewhat hidden aspect of the down side of his Bill's heavy involvement in his wife's campaign: all the muck still out there yet to be raked concerning secret Clinton Library financing, and other recent Bill related-matters that come with the two-for-price-of-one deal. Meanwhile, Mark Halperin at TIME's The Page hints broadly that Teddy Kennedy will join niece Caroline in backing Obama. Link to Frank Rich:


Mark E said...

What is the first priority for today's media?

Trash George Bush or trash the military? Which one is more important?

Also, when you guys lie about Bush and call him a liar do you really believe that he KNEW Saddam's Iraq had destroyed most of it's WMD stock even though most of his top generals didn't know?

Why isn't the press interested at all in the interrogation logs of al Qaeda members caught in Iraq and the Baath party members caught working with them? Afraid it might undermine your two objectives above?

I've actually done that work that your industry is too biased and too lazy to do and the truth totally undermines your DNC talking points posing as news.

www.regimeofterror.com has reams of intel from FOREIGN media outlets that the American, 90% liberal (who of courses lies about their biases) press can't be bothered with.

Why not try to improve your industry Greg instead of running it down the same bitter partisan, out of touch, dishonest path?

Ian said...

hi greg.

just wanted to throw this out there. any chance you could do a piece on Suharto. i mean, is there anything that more clearly points out how corrupt our media is. apparently there are good genocides and bad ones. the NY Times article today is laughable. their brief US support mention is a throwaway.

where the hell are the stories about the support our country gave him throughout and after the worst of his atrocities? where are the stories to inform people that our country has supported monsters like him when it benefited special interests and corporations. no, that won't get printed anywhere, and it, like everything else, will disappear into the blackhole of history