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Friday, November 13, 2009

Wicked 'Messenger'

Saw new flick The Messenger tonite at screening in Westchester, with director (who ran a little late). Woody Harrelson is very good, though really only the supporting actor for lead Ben Foster, who is great (and can't believe he played the fucked up art school boyfriend in Six Feet Under). If you haven't heard, it focuses on two military officers whose job is inform next of kin about the deaths of loved ones. First half is tremendous -- cameo by Steve Buscemi -- but totters in second half, as love interest and drunken nights take over. Still, well worth seeing. NYT raved today, as did New Yorker. Director said it was originally a Sydney Pollack film, he died, Ben Affleck was interested, didn't happen, and there you are. Trailer:

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Anonymous said...

I think you mean Ben Foster, not Ben Walker.