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Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Street Cart Named Desire

That's what several wags earlier this week dubbed the giveaway today and tomorrow in NYC--first come, first serve--of thousands of vibrators in a special Trojan promotion.  So, what's the "buzz"--how did it go down?

Well, the idea rubbed some officials the wrong way, and  the city banned the idea for one full day until this afternoon, when it finally gave its okay.  The promo started late, about 5 p.m. in the--wait for it--Meatpacking District.  One NYT photo shows a man pushing a baby stroller picking up a product.  And here's one on-the-scene report just now: "I'm shocked to see so many guys -- obviously straight guys -- in this line! The fact that these guys aren't threatened by getting a vibrator for their woman is a good thing."  About one in three in line were men.  An update:  Trucks empty after 4000 handed out. 

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