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Friday, August 10, 2012

'NYT' Fans 'Backlash'

Unintentionally humorous NYT piece tonight plays up the allegedly strong "backlash" against Obama "allies" PAC ads even while having to admit that, for some reason, this coincides with Obama's surge in the polls.  The "backlash"--or "torrent of criticism" of that steelworker and dead wife ad--therefore is mainly among the media hypers and the Romney and GOP haters who have opposed Obama from the beginning; plus,  as a recent study (cited by the Times earlier) showed, the Romney campaign has been more than twice as "negative" as Obama, and that didn't count his always-negative PAC ads.

Just yesterday Romney released video suggesting Obama was waging a "war on religion."  P.S.  The steelworker and dead wife ad has not aired even once on TV so far.

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