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Saturday, September 8, 2012

And That's No Toke

Got first email from my new best friend Kal Penn, addressed to "Greg," of course, and with first line:  "Get ready to have your mind blown."  Of course it's a funding pitch for Obama from guy whose DNC appearance drew raves--it was pretty damn good, though I don't know what's the point of getting people to "sign up" to vote later.  Anyway, in the email he writes:  "I have so many friends who are better off thanks to the work our president has done -- some who've returned home from war, others who've been able to go to college, and one friend who got a job working in Detroit's auto industry.

"Don't make me do this alone. If you think President Obama is the right guy for this job, reach out to people you know to make sure they're registered and ready to vote. "

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