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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life Imitates...Sorkin?

The flap over Alison Pill (fine young actress going back to Milk and In Treatment) accidentally posting a nude topless photo of herself on Twitter has centered on--maybe she did in on purpose for P.R.?  I doubt that very much.  What has drawn little notice, however, is how this recalls a key moment in Aaron Sorkin's Newsroom--her latest co-starring role--where her female boss accidentally sends a very personal email to the whole media company instead of just one guy.  Apparently Pill did not swallow this lesson.  If you've missed the flap (this is safe for work, but photo widely available on the web), see video below.

Waiting for Will McAvoy to get back from his therapist to weigh in:  probably will blame it all on the Tea Party or the Koch Brothers.

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