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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Man Behind 'The Stench'

Okay, it might be the quote of the campaign so far: a certain obscure GOP leader in swing state Iowa telling the NYT that after November, Paul Ryan may have to "wipe the stench" of Romney off him if he wants to be a factor in 2016.   Roger Simon riffed on its yesterday at Politico taking it to a another level, even if he did make some shit up.  Now the quote-maker has written a lengthy post explaining/defending/qualifying it.

His name is Craig Robinson (left, and no, it's not Jonah Hill) and as you will see he does not claim he was misquoted.  He still plans to vote for Romney.  He loves him some Ryan.  "I used the word stench," he tries to explain, "to basically say that Paul Ryan will have plenty of baggage to deal with should he and Romney come up short on November 6th.  I don’t think anyone would disagree with that, but my choice of words has elevated my comment to something I didn’t necessary intend it to be."  Smells like team spirit. 

And he says wiping off horrid smells nothing new for GOPers, for example:  "Rick Santorum had to wash off the stench of losing his 2006 Senate campaign before being considered as a serious presidential candidate."

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