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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Book on Bin Laden Raid Greeted By Review--and New E-Book

NYT has just posted its review, coming tomorrow in print, on the controversial bin Laden raid book "No Easy Day" by the Navy SEAL--and a hot news story:  other Special Ops have already written an ebook that purports to explain why the first book was written.  The author, known as "Mark Owen," was "willing to break 'the code of silence' honored by many commandos because of 'bad blood' with his former unit, the elite SEAL Team 6."  The second book's title takes off on the other: "No Easy Op."

The review, by the estimable Janet Maslin, contains this incredible whopper, as she seems to recognize that the account of the raid differs "crucially" from what was spread, over and over, by the White House and our media--OBL, it turns out was NOT armed, did not resist and there was no "firefight" outside--but then judges it does not differ "materially."  Huh? You mean because OBL died in both stories?  Here's the big:
The manner in which bin Laden died, in this book’s version, differs crucially but not materially from other accounts. The author says that his team’s point man shot bin Laden — who also peeked at the SEALs and showed himself to a sniper — before the team even entered his living quarters; that bin Laden was shot again as he lay on the floor with a grievous head wound; and that the SEALs shot to kill.

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