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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Even More Adelson Damage--This Time In Israel

It's bad enough what casino boss Sheldon Adelson is doing to us (besides refusing that offer from Sarah Silverman)--he's also wrecking journalism in his actual favorite nation, Israel.  See this important story from McClatchy.   Two liberal papers there, including the much-respected Haaretz, are cutting back, with Haaretz skipping an issue this week for the first time, and another daily going web-only.  One reason why: Adelson launched a free daily.  Now seen as "death flow to the free press"--that is, free in its other meaning.  (h/t  Barbara Bedway)
“Are Israelis aware that they are reading a paper that is practically in Netanyahu’s pocket? Sure they are,” said Didi Remez, a left-wing Israeli political activist. “But I’m not sure they care when they make the decision to pick up the free paper.”

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