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Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Poll Watch

UPDATE #1  New CNN poll in Ohio has Obama up by 4%, just over the 3% average for other polls this week.  Rasmussen, no surprise, the outlier.

Nate Silver tweets at 3 p.m.:  "The eight national trackers published today show Obama +0.2% on average. (Was Romney +0.2% yesterday)."

Today's daily tracker from Gallup, which showed nice gains for Obama earlier this week, then no change yesterday, finds Romney gaining again, boosting his lead among likely voters to 5% and Obama's approval off 3% to just 48%.

Gallup also released a report on the debates.  Like all others, it found viewers gave the third debate to Obama, 56%-33%.  Also the second debate, after wide Mitt win in #1.  Asked who did better overall, judging all three debates, it was a virtual tie, with Romney up by 2%.

Even Rasmussen now gives Eliz Warren a solid 5% lead.  

Earlier: And here we go again.  After very good, overall, days for Obama Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday results provided more of a mixed picture.  Now for Friday.

No change in today's Rasmussen--Obama still down 3 points.  PPP has the two candidates tied.  RAND puts Obama ahead by 6%.  Take yer pick.  NBC/WSJ has Obama up by 3% in Nevada and deadlocked in Colorado.  Two polls give the president a 3% edge in N.H.   New poll gives Tammy Duckworth big lead over the much-lamented Joe Walsh. 

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