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Friday, October 26, 2012

Newspaper Creates Bizarro World Romney

We've noted previously an unsettling trend for Obama fans this year: the number of large papers that backed him in 2008 now switching to Romney.   Last time around, quite the opposite happened, with papers that backed Bush going to Obama.  Today the South Florida Sun-Sentinel (based in populous Fort Lauderdale) made the switch, but you really have to read the editorial to marvel, perhaps even laugh, ruefully.

Nearly every position they endorse--from cutting the defense budget to protesting women's rights at the Supreme Court and favoring negotiation always--actually comes right from the Obama playbook.   The fantasy Romney they describe is Bizarro World Mitt.  They even claim,  "We believe Romney will help this nation find the political will to address the challenges with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid."  Remember when Romney adding Ryan to the ticket would doom him in seniors-heavy Florida?

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