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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chipper Gets Stoned

Chipper Jones, the just-retired Atlanta Braves star, was already getting some press today for exposing a really yucky photo of one of his bruises.  Tonight, even more entertainingly, he is tweeting after watching Oliver Stone's "JFK."  It's a verified account and one hopes not hacked @RealCJ10.  Here they are:
--JFK is on REELZ. Zapruder footage is coming on soon. Check it out. Oswald is behind JFK and to the right. No way he fired the kill shot.

--What a crock of crap! Oswald killed Kennedy? Seriously? Sorry, but I'm watching JFK. It's almost laughable what they want us to believe.

--Anyone who has ever fired a rifle and watched the Zapruder film, will tell you the fatal headshot came from the grassy knoll. C'mon people!! 
--Read the Warren Commission Report. I have. It's a crock. No way Kennedy's head moves back and to the left, if shot from the back.

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