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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Senator Denies Sex With Prostitutes

UPDATE:   Turns out tonight that Menendez earlier this month wrote a $58,000 check to reimbusrse donor after ethics complaint.
Earlier: And this time it's a Democrat.  Gotta love this Guardian headline and subhed:  "Robert Menendez denies sex allegations after FBI raid on donor's office:  Florida senator says he did not travel to Dominican Republican on plane owned by wealthy friend to have sex with prostitutes."   One problem: He is New Jersey, not Florida.  The donor is based in Florida.
In a statement, Menendez's office confirmed he traveled three times on a plane owned by Dr Salomon Melgen, a friend and doctor, but said the trips had been "paid for and reported appropriately". The FBI searched Melgen's office in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Tuesday night and early Wednesday, but it was unclear if the raid was related to Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat.
AP has reported finding no trace of the senator reporting expenses for the trips.   The Daily Caller first reports this last November.  Menendez became chairman of the foreign affairs--err, foreign relations--committee today.

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