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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why Teen Who Killed 5 Had Access to Dad's Guns

Photo of the week, from Albuquerque Journal:  That's your basic memorial that friends constructed outside scene of the five murders in Albuquerque.  Note the "Protected by Smith & Wesson Security" sign.  That helped family a lot, slain by their own kid with dad's guns from a closet.

I've followed the New Mexico mass murders since last weekend, and then wrote posts here and at The Nation wondering why the national media have barely bothered.  Kid, 15,  kills mom, dad, three younger siblings, and plans to slaughter more at a WalMart, and it's all very....ho-hum.  So you may have missed close relatives of the boy spinning that he is really not a "demon" but a good kid.  And also perhaps offering an answer to the question of why he had access to his father's arsenal (assault rifle, two shotguns and a .22).   Claims the boy's uncle, who is a former state senator:  "It's because my brother was gone and he really believed that Nehemiah, as the eldest there, needed to protect the family."


Anonymous said...

It's a damn shame the father isn't alive to answer for that decision.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but you see, he did answer for that decision... with his life.

Anonymous said...

The Griego family were also born-again Christian s. It seems that gun nuts and religious fanatics go hand in hand. So sad, how could he kill hes 3 yr old sister.