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Monday, April 15, 2013

No 'Media Cover-up" on Gruesome Abortion Doc Case

My new piece at The Nation on the Gosnell furor.  Here are some added links (scene of the crimes, left):

CBS Morning News  with major piece on the controversy.

AP with the latest of its many pieces on the trial.   And on clinic workers saying they had no choice but to go along.

Jeff Deeney at The Atlantic:  the poor women might not have ended up on the butcher's block if  more funding and services for them.

Jill Filopovic at al-Jazeera:  the REAL story of case is "misogyny."

Right-wingers claiming that THEY didn't ignore the case frantically linking to this Jim Geragty "takedown" of that meme.  Problem is: every piece he cites is from 2011--when "liberal media" had more coverage.  

NewsBusters excited that NBC mentions (supposedly caving to rightwing pressure).

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