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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hastings Still Probed Girlfriend's Death

Lengthy tribute from Michael Hastings former Newsweek bureau chief was a bit overlooked yesterday at Buzzfeed as it arrived late in day after many previous pieces.  And those who noticed focused on his unique relationship with Hastings in Iraq.  But it also included word that right up to last week Hastings was saying he was still probing the murder of his girlfriend in Iraq several years ago (the subject of his first book, which I talked about with him at the time).  From the piece:
[When I saw Michael last week, he had just returned from a meeting in Washington D.C where, he told me, he had uncovered more information about the people he believed were responsible for Andi’s murder. He said he wouldn’t stop looking until the killers were brought to justice....
Six years after Andi’s death he was still doggedly on the trail of the people, in both the American and Iraqi governments, who he felt bore some measure of responsibility. And in typical fashion, he was branching out, delving into the sordid mysteries of Hollywood where, he told me last month as we rode in the Mercedes he had just bought, “dreams come to die.” 

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