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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Four Beethoven

The wonderful New York pianist Lisa Yui is featured in DVD/Blu-Ray playing three of Beethoven's most famous piano sonatas (plus one from earlier in his career) that's coming in December, and she's just posted a trailer (below) plus, even, a behind-the-scenes video including "bloopers."  I can vouch that the DVD, which includes commentary,  will be terrific because I hosted her playing the same program here in Nyack a few months back.

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Laurence Glavin said...

nduPianist Jonathan Biss, a member of the Curtis Institute of Music, is in the process of presenting a course at Coursera.org encompassing the 32 Piano Sonatas of LvB. Close to 20,000 people have signed up for the course, far more than expected (Is it the Obamacare of online education?) I haven't signed up for the course itself, I hope that some day that the lectures themselves will appear on Youtube.