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Thursday, February 6, 2014

'Affluenza' Teen Still Avoids Jail Time

You may recall the uproar, a few months back, about a Dallas-area teen who killed four (see left) and badly injured two while driving drunk but got off easy after his defense team claimed he was the victim of "affluenza"--too much money and privilege.   In a follow-up ruling a judge has sent him to a locked-down facility for awhile but still no jail time.  So now: more outrageThis piece claims we are creating a "society of Biebers."

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Braggwife said...

Citizens universally agree that they are appalled by drinking and driving, yet the laws across the United States are pretty weak and not enforced. They are also not uniform. What can we do to unite in the bath of our collective outrage and effect actual and meaningful change?

My husband, a highly decorated soldier with nine deployments, was permanently and catastrophically maimed in our front yard and the judge recommended a two-month jail sentence. It made us sick that she would spend less time in jail than he spent confined to a hospital bed. Please read our story at braggwife.blogspot.com and share it if you feel moved to do so.