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Monday, June 30, 2014


Decision just came down on the Hobby Lobby case and, natch, it's 5-4 to limit employers covering birth control in policies.  Justice Ginsberg's blistering dissent.  At least:  "A federal judge has estimated that a third of Americans are not subject to the requirement that their employers provide coverage for contraceptives. Small employers need not offer health coverage at all; religious employers like churches are exempt; religiously affiliated groups may claim an exemption; and some insurance plans that had not previously offered the coverage are grandfathered in."

Some Twitter reactions:
@SheilaBapat  all 5 in Harris majority are, naturally, men. all 4 dissenting include the women justices. what a hilarious caricature SCOTUS is.

@JillFilopavic    is so opposed to contraception, they invest in the companies that make it, so they can make $$$.

@ACLU Never before has said employers can use their religious beliefs to deny employees a benefit they are guaranteed by law to receive.

@MMFA  CNN chyron adopts right-wing "forced to pay for contraceptives" myth. No, they're not forced.

@AriMelber  Ginsburg's dissent begins by emphasizing the gender discrimination in this area, not only the claims of religious discrimination.

@FelixSalmon  Of course corporations are religious people. Sometimes they even come back from the dead.

@DDayen  Kennedy says gov't can provide birth control directly, so no gap in coverage. Actually, gov't could provide ALL HC directly...
@ConnieSchultz   Liptak: SCOTUS opened door to other corporations' claims that many laws may violate their religious liberty.
@EricBoehlert  New Gallup Poll Shows Confidence In Supreme Court Hits A New Historic Low;
@GregMitch   It's impossible to overstate the tragedy of Bush awarded 2000 election: Iraq, economy, SCOTUS, more.

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