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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tony A Tiger on PED, Greenies

Among the many positive qualities of the late Ton Gwynn--even off the ball field--was his rare, outspoken stance on steroids and other PEDs. The wall of silence that players and owners and most writers stood behind was broken periodically by Tony, a true hitter who didn't need any help (apparently) to average .338 for his career.  He spoke out in 1995, even before the McGwire-Sosa lovefest went sour.   Here's a full Buster Olney report (who, ironically, has taken a more forgiving stance on this subject himself).
Gwynn told a story to illustrate his sense of how desperate some players are to improve their performance. When San Diego was on the road during one of Gwynn's final seasons, he walked into a visitors clubhouse and found the floor littered with amphetamines.

"There were a bunch of pills lying all over the floor," he said. "There had been another team in there just before us, and evidently, they'd left these greenies behind. Our guys were like, 'Hey, wait, wait, don't throw those out.'"

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