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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Death Toll Passes 300 and More Saturday Updates

UPDATE:  Israel announces tonight it is expanding ground invasion, perhaps lashing out after Hamas fighters went through tunnels and killed a couple of soldiers.   

Earlier:  The death toll in Gaza has now topped 340, at least one-quarter kids, NYT story on family of nine, including four children.  Much of coverage still on Hamas rockets and tunnels--when most of the civilian dead have been nowhere near either.

NYT editorial today gives equal weight to Israel and Gaza civilian suffering and largely blames Hamas.  Makes call for peace talks, and says Israel complicit in causing crisis,  but demands no end to disproportionate attacks on Gaza civilians.

Prime Minister Netanyahu says he feels regret "for every mistaken strike on civilians."  That would be more than 200 so far, and counting.  No word of anyone being punished for such mistakes. 

A second Israeli soldier has been killed--the first not from friendly fire. 

If you missed: After much protest, an embarrassed  NBC says Ayman Mohyeldin returning to Gaza this weekend, after suddenly pulling him out.   He just thanks folks for "support" via Twitter, and claimed NBC is indeed interested in the Palestine side of the story (which many had questioned).

Major protests in many cities here and abroad, with as many as 50,000 marching in London (below), for example.

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