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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hate Crime

Chilling NYT account, fullest I've seen, on the night those Israeli youths set out to kill (and burn) a Palestinian youth in vengeance attack.  They searched for hours.   And made sure they had handcuffs--and gasoline.
After forcing Muhammad into the car, a Hyundai, they sped off to a forest near the western entrance to Jerusalem. Muhammad was dragged from the vehicle and the adult bludgeoned him on the head a number of times with a wrench. The adult then set Muhammad on fire with the help of one of his young relatives. Leaving Muhammad to die, the three fled....
The authorities were investigating reports that the adult driver and one of the youths had tried to abduct a small Palestinian boy from the same area of Shuafat the night before. Mousa Zaloum, 8, was later photographed with red marks on his neck. In an interview with Channel 2 News in Israel the boy said the would-be kidnappers had choked him with a rope. Mousa’s mother struggled with the kidnappers, and her son escaped.
A group of Israeli youth activists and residents who live near the forest where Muhammad’s burned body was found erected a makeshift stone monument there in his memory. It was later defaced, rebuilt and defaced again.

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