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Monday, August 27, 2012

AP's Amazing Goof: UCLA Stuns Oregon!

It's happened before but usually not to this extent. Dozens, maybe hundreds, of web sites, big (such as Wash Post)  and small, published today an AP dispatch on a college football upset, often under the title "UCLA Stuns Oregon."  Score:  21-20.  Late TD pass decided it.  One problem: It never happened.  AP had sent out some dummy copy.   Here's a full rundown at Deadspin.  AP by now has retracted but much too late, of course.  They sent out on wire, "The Associated Press has withdrawn its story slugged UCLA-Oregon. The story was prepared as a test story during a training session and was moved inadvertently to the wire. It was not meant for publication."

And it was such a good one: "Bob Jones threw three touchdown passes, including the game-winner with 10 seconds left." Why, he might have gotten a university named after him!

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