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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How 'NYT' Reporter Helped Cover-Up Radiation Dangers

I've written often about the famed NYT reporter known as "Atomic Bill"--that would be W.L. Laurence, who was embedded in the Manhattan Project, went along on the bombing run over Nagasaki, and in general glorified the creation and use of the atomic bomb, and covered up its true dangers, as the most influential reporter in this area for years.  (See my books Atomic Cover-up and Hiroshima in America.)

But this week marks the 71st anniversary of his little-known work, a month after the Nagasaki blast, to cover up radiation dangers here at home.   Here's my piece at The Nation from last year about this.  "Here was the nation’s leading science reporter, severely compromised, not only unable but disinclined to reveal all he knew about the potential hazards of the most important scientific discovery of his time."

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