Saturday, January 25, 2014

Neil and the Crowd

UpdateWall St. Journal covers making of the video and gets response from Neil's manager, who calls it kind of "rude."

Earlier: Kind of groovy (but legal?)--Neil Young fans have put together a "crowd-sourced" version of one of his full concerts at Carnegie Hall this month, drawing on videos shot by many to make a one hour and fifty-two minute show.  Along the way, in a favorite touch, he plays God's guitar.  That is, Hank Williams'.  And his latest tribute to my old pal Phil Ochs starts at about 32-minute mark after a stunning song at the piano.  Note:  He mentions his first concert at Carnegie in 1970.  Ahem, I was there, just before reviving Crawdaddy.  Plus: a full Neil show with Crazy Horse. Now, what about those rumors that he's finished an album with Jack White? -- G.M.

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